Gunnar Dittrich receives b+m Software + Systems Engineering Award (b+m SSEP)

During this year’s celebration of Computer Science graduates at Kiel University, Gunnar Dittrich received the b+m Software + Systems Engineering Award (b+m SSEP) for his Master’s thesis “Extraction of User Behavior Profiles for Software Modernization”. The topic builds on the Kieker monitoring framework. Congratulations to Gunnar!

About the award (in German):


CfP/CfPart: 6th Symposium on Software Performance (SSP 2015) will take place in Munich

The 6th Symposium on Software Performance (SSP 2015) will take place in Munich, Germany on November 4-6. It will be a joint meeting of the Descartes, Kieker, Palladio, and PMG research groups – locally organized by the latter.


In addition to invited talks from practitioners and researchers, we welcome contributions from academic, scientific, or industrial contexts in the field of software performance, including but not limited to approaches employing Descartes, Kieker, and/or Palladio.

We solicit the following types of contributions: technical papers (maximum 3 pages) and extended abstracts for industry or experience talks (maximum 700 words).

Registration is now open!

Details are provided on the symposium web site:

APM research project diagnoseIT launched

diagnoseIT logoQuality attributes of enterprise software applications such as performance, availability, and reliability have a significant impact on business critical metrics of enterprises such as revenue and total cost of ownership. Application Performance Management (APM) processes and tools are often facilitated and integrated into the application lifecycle to monitor performance-relevant metrics of the enterprise applications (e.g., response time, throughput, or resource utilization). APM is a necessity to detect and solve performance problems early.

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More than 60 Participants Attended SOSP ’14 in Stuttgart

IMG_1624More than 60 participants from roughly 20 different organizations attended this year’s Symposium on Software Performance (SOSP 2014), which took place from November 26 to 28, 2014 in Stuttgart, Germany. SOSP aims to bring together researchers and practitioners interested in all facets of software performance, ranging from modeling and prediction to monitoring and runtime management. The symposium is organized by the three research groups Descartes, Kieker, and Palladio, who use this symposium also as a joint developer and community meeting.

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Kieker’s Development in Five Minutes – 1.10

Using the tool Gource, we created a nice visualization showing the development of Kieker in only five minutes until the release of 1.10. The video contains parts of our Git history and shows not only how the project has grown since 2008, but also how many different developers already contributed to the project.

Thanks to Fenil Conic (@fenilconic) for the music (Hollywood Reality 3).