Monitoring Support for Python

We started the development of instrumenting Python last year and have developed monitoring probes for Python and two weaving approaches. They will be presented (hopefully) at the Symposium for Software Performance. However, the tooling is already available and can be found on GitHub. Currently, we are integrating new features, cleanup the code and write documentation for end users. All these artifacts will become available in the general Kieker documentation.

Kieker Monitoring Support for C and Fortran

Kieker now provides monitoring probes for C, Fortran and any other language supported by the GNU Compiler Collection or the Intel compilers including ifort. The code is currently available on GitHub. In the near future, we will provide Debian/Ubuntu packages for the library and examples.

Integration of User Behavior Analysis

We developed in iObserve support to monitor user behavior, create user behavior models and cluster them. These features will now be integrated in the the Kieker main repository to ease their use and make them available for a larger audience.

The behavior model monitoring provides additional entry level probes that record calls from web browsers or other services interacting with the monitored service.