Research Projects

Ongoing Projects

declare-logo-120x37 Declare – Declarative Performance Engineering
Logo_diagnoseIT-14-inkscape-120x25 diagnoseIT – Expert-guided automatic diagnosis of performance problems in enterprise applications
ENSURE – Ensurance of software evolution by run-time certification
ExplorViz – Online Trace Visualization for Large Software Landscapes
IObserve – Integrated Observation and Modeling Techniques to Support Adaptation and Evolution of Software Systems
MooBench – MOnitoring Overhead BENCHmark to measure and quantify the overhead of monitoring frameworks
Orcas – Efficient Resilience Benchmarking of Microservice Architectures
PubFlow – Research on workflow-based support for assisting scientists to manage and publish their research data
SPEC RG – Research Group focusing on collaborative research efforts in the area of quantitative system evaluation and analysis

Completed Projects

DynaMod – Dynamic Analysis for Model-Driven Software Modernization
Menges – Modellgetriebene Entwicklung für eine neue Generation elektronischer Stellwerke
Trustsoft – Trustworthy Software Systems


yklogo YourKit supports open source projects with its full-featured Java Profiler. YourKit, LLC is the creator of YourKit Java Profiler and YourKit .NET Profiler, innovative and intelligent tools for profiling Java and .NET applications.
ej-technologies supports open source projects with its full-featured Java Profiler. ej-technologies is the creator of the JProfiler Java profiler.