Kieker 1.15 released

On October 8, 2021, we released version 1.15 of our Kieker framework for application performance monitoring and dynamic software analysis. As usual, the release is available for download at

New features (selection)

  • Migration of analysis stages to the TeeTime-based Kieker analysis.
  • Added new analysis stages from the iObserve research project

Improvements and refactorings

  • Improved AspectJ probes, e.g., by introducing before/after advices for cflow pointcuts, OpenJDK 11 support
  • Refactored the file system writer

Build scripts and infrastructure

  • Replaced additional local Jar dependencies by using the Maven dependencies
  • Converted Kieker tools to multi-project builds
  • Use of GitHub actions to test common platforms (Linux, Mac, Windows) and Java versions


  • Migrated the deprecated LaTeX-based user guide to Read The Docs (