Kieker Framework

The internal behavior of large-scale software systems cannot be determined on the basis of static (e.g., source code) analysis alone. Kieker provides complementary dynamic analysis capabilities, i.e., monitoring and analyzing a software system’s runtime behavior — enabling Application Performance Monitoring and Architecture Discovery.

Further Details on the Kieker Framework


Various people contributed to Kieker in the past years. Thanks to you all! Without them, Kieker would not be in the shape it is today. Following is an alphabetic list of people who contributed in different form (source code, bug reports, promotion, etc) and intensity:

Tillmann (Till) Bielefeld, Peer Brauer, Thomas Düllmann, Philipp Döhring, Jens Ehlers, Nils Ehmke, Florian Fittkau, Thilo Focke, Sören Frey, Tom Frotscher, Wilhelm (Willi) Hasselbring, André van Hoorn, Reiner Jung, Benjamin Kiel, Dennis Kieselhorst, Holger Knoche, Marius Löwe, Marco Lübcke, Felix Magedanz, Nina Marwede, Robert von Massow, Jasminka Matevska, Arnd Plumhoff, Teerat Pitakrat, Oliver Preikszas, Sönke Reimer, Bettual Richter, Matthias Rohr, Nils Sommer, Lena Stöver, Jan Waller, Robin Weiß, Björn Weißenfels, Matthias Westphal, Christian Wulf

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