Report from the 12th Symposium on Software Performance

The 12th Symposium on Software Performance (SSP ’21), was held from November 8 to 10, 2021 in Leipzig, Germany. Luckily, the SSP could take place as a physical meeting despite the Covid-related circumstances.

Every year, the SSP brings together researchers and practitioners interested in software performance and related quality attributes. The scope of SSP spans measurement, modeling, benchmark design, and run-time management.

Some additional photos can be found in our dedicated gallery.

SSP 2021 had a great program that included three invited industry talks and 17 technical presentations. The presentations are accompanied by extended abstracts and short papers to appear in a proceedings volume. The slides of the talks are linked in the program. In addition to the technical program, SSP 2021 included a guided city tour that gave a lot of room for informal discussions. SSP 2021 attracted 35 participants from academia and industry.

From a Kieker perspective, it was very nice to see contributions related to Kieker also from other research groups, e.g., from the University of Leipzig. On the day before the main program, we held a Kieker developer meeting.

SSP 2021 was a great event with an excellent organization by our colleagues from the University of Leipzig, led by David Georg Reichelt and Richard Müller! Both were already involved in the organization of last year’s SSP that was planned to be held in Leipzig but had to be moved online due to Covid-19.

The SSP series is organized by the research groups around Kieker, Descartes, and Palladio, which are located at the universities of Hamburg, Karlsruhe, Kiel, Stuttgart, and Würzburg. SSP 2022 will be held in Stuttgart, Germany.