Issue Tracking

Bugs (and other issues) are managed as tickets in our issue tracking system.

Be aware that there are some guidelines you should follow if you decide to report a bug:

  • Make sure that the bug has not already been reported.
  • Report and describe the bug precisely and clearly.
  • Make sure that other people are able to reproduce the bug.
  • Try to deliver as much useful information as possible.
  • Describe only one bug per report.
  • Report small bugs as well. They may hide bigger or more important bugs.
  • Separate presumption clearly from fact (or try to avoid them completely if possible).


If you need support, please write to one of the mailing lists below or contact us directly.


Most discussions are handled within our issue tracking system. Feel free to open new discussions.

Mailing Lists

Two Kieker mailing lists for Kieker users and developers exist:

A third mailing list keeps you informed about any events in our ticket system: