Application Performance Monitoring

Application Performance Monitoring (APM) is concerned with continuously observing a software system’s performance-specific runtime behavior, including analyses like assessing service level compliance or detecting and diagnosing performance problems.

Kieker provides APM support for both collecting and analyzing monitoring data, particularly for Java EE systems.

Among others, Kieker comes with probes for collecting the following APM information:

  • Application-level and service-level:
    • Operation response times,
    • User sessions,
    • Traces, etc.
  • System-level:
    • CPU utilization,
    • Memory usage, etc.

Please visit the Features site to learn more! Thanks to Kieker’s extensible architecture it is easy to implement and use custom APM additions.

Kieker was designed for continuous monitoring in production systems inducing only a very low overhead, which has been evaluated in extensive experiments.