Kieker Tools

Kieker is used by projects in science and industry. They developed different tools to analyze data and work with Kieker.


  • Kieker Trace Diagnosis UI allows to inspect and analyze traces in a graphical user interface.
  • Kieker Development Tools which includes the instrumentation record DSL and the Kieker architecture model visualization. The DSL allows to define new monitoring events in a programming language independent way. It supports multiple programming languages including Java, C and Perl. The visualization supports the assembly and execution model.
  • iObserve tools comprise an analysis and model builder for PCM, a collector for distributed applications, and a log replayer.
  • diagnoseIT supports the automated diagnosis of execution traces with respect to performance problems, such as known performance antipatterns.

Internal (part of the kieker distribution)

Details on the Kieker Tools can be found here.

  • Kieker analysis to analyze collected logs
  • Kieker data bridge to process data provided by non-Java applications, supporting JMS text message, flat TCP format and more