Offline and live analysis

There are two different ways to start a Kieker analysis. The first is to run and to monitor the software and afterwards to start the analysis. Alternatively, it is possible to run the monitoring and the analysis simultaneous.

Predefined and customizable filters

Kieker provides several predefined and customizable filters to build you own analysis.
For example, it offers filters for trace analysis, anomaly detection, and architecture discovery.
Moreover, Kieker provides filters for associated visualizations such as call graphs and dependency graphs.
Finally, it offers the ability to define your own filter to adjust your custom analysis.

Predefined and custom analysis

It is easily possible to run a predefined analysis or to build a custom analysis for your own specific use case.
For example, Kieker provides the following predefined analyses:

  • trace reconstruction and visualization
  • anomaly detection
  • architecture discovery and visualization

Since A Kieker analysis follows the pipe-and-filter architectural style, it is therefore easy to build your own analysis based on parts of predefined analyses.