CfC/CfPart: Descartes/Kieker/Palladio Days 2014

As a follow-up event of our successful meetings in 2012 and 2013, we will organize the 2014 Symposium on Software Performance in Stuttgart, Germany on November 26-28. It will be a joint meeting of the Descartes, Kieker, and Palladio communities.


In addition to invited talks from practitioners and researchers, we welcome contributions from academic, scientific, or industrial contexts in the field of software performance, including but not limited to approaches employing Descartes, Kieker, and/or Palladio.

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Poster Award at ICPE 2014

Kieker PosterOut of the 20 posters that were presented during the poster/demo session on Tuesday at the ICPE 2014 in Dublin, ours has been elected as the best poster. The election was conducted during the poster session by the attendees of the presentations by putting stickers on posters that were counted afterwards.
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Tom Frotscher Wins 2013 b+m SSEP Award for Thesis on Kieker’s OPAD

Tom Frotscher wins the 2013 Software & Systems Engineering Award (b+m SSEP) for his Master’s thesis on “Architecture-Based Multivariate Anomaly Detection for Software Systems”. Since 2011, the annual b+m SSEP jury elects an excellent thesis submitted to the Kiel University’s Computer Science Department based on scientific quality and practical relevance . Tom’s thesis, supervised jointly by the Universities in Kiel and Stuttgart, extends the initial work on Kieker’s Online Performance Anomaly Detection (OPAD) approach by Tillmann Bielefeld who received the b+m SSEP in 2012. Tom’s thesis was again conducted in close collaboration with Xing AG, whose well-known  business networking platform served as the case study system. Continue reading

Roughly 50 Participants Attended Kieker/Palladio Days 2013

The  Symposium on Software Performance: Joint Kieker/Palladio Days 2013, which took place November 27-29 (Wed-Fri), 2013 in Karlsruhe, Germany, brought together  researchers and practitioners interested in all facets of software performance, ranging  from modeling and prediction to monitoring and management. The symposium was  organized by two already established user groups: for the first time, the Kieker and the  Palladio communities had a joint meeting in form of this symposium. Kieker is a  well-established tool and approach for monitoring software performance of complex, large,  and distributed IT systems. Palladio is a likewise-established tool and approach for  modeling software architectures of IT systems and for simulating their performance.  However, contributions were not limited to these two communities but we also welcomed  contributions from the field.


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Kieker 1.8 released

Today, we released version 1.8 of our Kieker framework for application performance monitoring and dynamic software analysis:

  • New features (selection)
    • Data Bridge: Facility to connect Kieker’s Java core with other platforms
    • New reader plugin that provides the current system time in regular intervals
    • New TCP writer and reader
    • Acceleration/slow-down factor for real-time replayer
  • Minor changes to the record API
    • Additional method for binary (de)serialization
    • TYPES field now public
    • Many record types no longer final (eases custom extensions)
  • Bug fixes and improvements to code, performance, tests, build scripts, documentation, examples
  • Various improvements to the WebGUI (see separate HISTORY file)

For details and download see

CfP/CfPart: Kieker/Palladio Days 2013

As a follow-up event of our very successful KoSSE-Symposium: Application Performance Management (Kieker Days 2012), the Symposium on Software Performance (Joint Kieker/Palladio Days 2013) will take place on November 27-29 (Wed-Fri), 2013 in Karlsruhe, Germany (FZI Forschungzentrum Informatik). It will be a joint annual meeting with the Palladio community.

Details are provided on the symposium web site: