Kieker 1.9 released

Today, we released version 1.9 of our Kieker framework for application performance monitoring and dynamic software analysis:

  • New features (selection)
    • Binary monitoring writers using Java NIO
    • Support for DiSL probes
    • Writer for exporting records to the ExplorViz tool for online trace visualization
    • Trace Analysis GUI (beta)
    • TSLib: time series analysis library (beta)
    • OPAD: online performance anomaly detection filters (beta)
    • Live demo part of the Java EE example
    • TraceAnalysis: coloring of components and operations based on response times
  • API change:
    • Kieker’s AspectJ weaver Jar now uses a default aop.xml when no other aop.xml found. Should be disabled in multi-classloader environments (Java EE, OSGi, etc.) by using a new configuration  parameter; alternatively, AspectJ’s weaver agent can be used.
  • Bug fixes and improvements to code, performance, tests, build scripts, documentation, examples
  • Improvements to the WebGUI (see separate `HISTORY` file)

For details and download see