Kieker 1.7 released

Today, we released version 1.7 of our Kieker framework for application performance monitoring and dynamic software analysis:

  • Major changes
    • Adaptive monitoring: extended set of (de)activation patterns to support adaptive monitoring for custom probes. Before: limited to (de)activate monitoring for operation signature patterns.
    • New file system writers supporting (ZIP) compression
    • Minor modifications to the Kieker.Analysis API:
      1. Removed the `register` methods. Registration now implicit by passing context information to the plugin constructors. A legacy mode for the previous API is included in this version.
      2. Analysis projects can now have properties available to the plugins.
    • Bug fixes and improvements to code, tests, documentation, examples
    • Various improvements to the WebGUI (see separate `HISTORY` file)
  • Infrastructure:
    • Kieker releases now also published via Maven Central Repository (
    • Completely redesigned web site:
    • Live demo at