Kieker 1.5 released

Today, we released version 1.5 of our Kieker framework for application performance monitoring and dynamic software analysis.

Major new features:

  • Completely reworked pipe-and-filter framework in Kieker.Analysis
    • Use of Java annotations to specify plugins, repositories,
      input/output ports etc.
    • Support for multiple readers
    • Load and save configurations from/to .kax files
      (based on a new meta-model specified using Ecore)
    • Basic tools to execute/visualize .kax files
  • New database writer/reader supporting arbitrary record types
  • Support for immutable record types
  • New binary filesystem writer/reader
  • New print stream writer
  • New re-usable filters (tee, counting, timestamp etc.)
  • Complete method signatures used in probes/records for control-flow tracing
  • New record types/probes for event-based tracing
    (method call, entry, exit etc.)
  • Re-enabled Java 5 support
  • Removed dependency to commons.logging
  • Additional Kieker Jar usable as javaagent for AspectJ-based instrumentation


  • Bug fixes
  • Added a number of (JUnit) tests

See the release notes for details.