Kieker 1.13 released

On October 4, 2017, we released version 1.13 of our Kieker framework for application performance monitoring and dynamic software analysis. As usual, the release is available for download at

  • New features (selection)
    • Kafka writer and reader
    • Records provide API access to property names
    • SpringBoot REST interceptors
  • Improvements and refactorings
    • Performance improvements in the monitoring component (including API changes to the writers)
    • Refined architecture including minor (internal) API changes to records
    • Library updates
  • Dropped features
    • Database (SQL) writer and reader
    • Explicit support for HornetQ and OpenJMS (may be still be used via the JMS API)
  • Java 7 (or higher) required
  • Infrastructure
    • Migration to Atlassian Cloud (Confluence and Jira)
    • Jenkins-based continuous delivery pipeline integrated with GitHub
    • Docker containers for examples (JPetStore livedemo, RSS example), build containers
  • Bug fixes and improvements to code, performance, tests, documentation, examples