System Requirements

Kieker requires Java 7 or higher. It is used with Linux, Solaris, MacOS, and Windows.

Kieker 1.14 (upcoming)

The release of Kieker version 1.14 is planned for (date to be announced).
The latest successful nightly builds from the development branch are available for download.

Kieker 1.13 (stable)

The current stable Kieker release is version 1.13 (released on October 4, 2017).

  • Download the Kieker binary release 1.13 as zip or tar.gz
  • Download the Kieker source release 1.13 as zip or tar.gz
  • Download the Kieker user guide 1.13 as pdf
  • Download the Javadoc API for Kieker 1.13 as jar/zip or view html version online

Downloading with Maven

Kieker releases are deployed at the Central Repository. To download the current release with Apache Maven, add one or more of the required dependency configurations to your pom.xml.

The aspectj or emf enabled versions of Kieker can be accessed with an optional <classifier>aspectj</classifier> or <classifier>emf</classifier> parameter within the <dependency>...</dependency> block:

Older Versions

Older versions can also be found on the Kieker files site.

Git Repository

The Kieker sources are hosted on GitHub:

Kieker Logo

The Kieker Logo is available on our Logo page.